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Marathon e-VLBI images, educational e-VLBI Web site and Virtual Radio Interferometer now available online

DWINGELOO, the Netherlands (28 January 2009) - 17 radio telescopes around the world conducted a successful e-VLBI observation of nearly 33-hours, tracking three quasars as they rose and set with the rotation of the Earth. A "movie" of the sequential, automatically-generated images and three hand-crafted images (image 1, image 2, image 3) of the target source J0204+1514 are now available.

This observation was demonstrated live during the opening ceremony of the International Year of Astronomy, 15-16 January in Paris, and showcased e-VLBI as a newly-available, production-level astronomical technique to over 900 inquisitive and enthusiastic attendees, including astronomers, diplomats, government representatives and students from over 100 countries. An educational web site about e-VLBI, including a Virtual Radio Interferometer, were also demonstrated and are freely available online.

You can also read the original press release regarding the observation and demo here.

Last modified: January 28, 2009